Victoria AFL Grand Final Public Holiday Information

We have had a few enquiries from Victorian residents wanting more information on the proposed AFL Grand Final Public Holiday.

Update 19 August - We can now confirm that the AFL Grand Final will be going ahead. The review period is over and Small Business Minister Philip Dalidakis has confirmed that the holiday will go ahead. The holiday is expected to be announced in the Government Gazette later this week.

This is what we know at this stage:

  • The holiday is proposed for the Friday prior to the AFL Grand Final, which is the 2nd of October.
  • Whilst it appears that the new public holidays (Easter Sunday being the other one) are destined to go ahead, we are waiting for further confirmation that the AFL Grand Final public holiday is definitely happening in 2015 (as at 28/7/2015) and the Victorian Govt is yet to update their website to include the holiday.
  • A Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) has been prepared, showing the economic cost of the Grand Final holiday being upwards of $850 million.
  • The RIS was open for public comment for 28 days and that period is now over. Here's a link to the RIS.
  • There has been criticism of the new public holidays (Easter Sunday being the other one) due to the economic impact but the AFL holiday was one of Premier Andrews' key election promises so he seems keen to deliver on it.
  • The AFL has changed the route of the grand final parade. The AFL admitted the new public holiday was part of the reason for the move as there are concerns that there would not be as big of a turnout due to workers not being in the city (more info here).
  • The opposition has indicated that, if re-elected they are likely to scrap the AFL Grand Final Public Holiday as they don't see any benefit in it.